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course etiquette

where is the course?

where do i get discs?

how do i play?

course etiquette

  • ALL other park users have right of way
  • take everything you bring on the course, off the course (yes, including apple cores, cigarette butts, etc)
  • wait for groups ahead to complete hole before you begin
  • no altering of trees or other obstacles on the course
  • respect the course, including grounds, baskets, signs, etc
  • pick up after your dog!!!

course rules

  • Number 1 rule of Disc Golf: HAVE FUN!!!!
  • all 18 holes at the Lizard Range DGC are par 3 (3 throws from tee to pin for an experienced player)
  • player with the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first
  • after teeing off, player furthest away from the pin throws first
  • out of bounds are as follows:
    - on top of or over dyke
    - on or across the road
    - on or across park paths; these paths define most fairways
    - disc caught 2m or higher in a tree
    - horseshoe pits and baseball diamonds
  • in the case of O.B. throw from last place inbounds, with a 1 stroke penalty
  • mandatories are as follows:
    hole 9 - two flagged trees
    hole 10 - two sets of flagged trees
  • if your disc fails to go through mandatory trees, you must throw from the mandatory trees, with a penalty stroke
  • when playing tones, a distinct metal sound must be heard. rope and branches do not count
  • all of these rules must be followed to attain course records

have fun!!!